Our mission is to create an opportunity for every individual to become financially independent
Company Overview:
Bit2byte is a Digital Media Business Solutions Company.
After years of outstanding research, extensive and thorough analysis of the marketing trends, bit2byte has introduced a unique concept called Digital Referral marketing.
Digital referral marketing is a combination of NETWORK MARKETING & DIGITAL MARKETING.
Network marketing
Over decades Network Marketing has proven to be a very powerful strategy to market products and services. It promotes by word of mouth, thereby eliminating traditional marketing practices involving distributor, dealers and others. But certain amount of revenue is shared amongst the individual distributors or Networkers.
Digital marketing
Digital marketing methodology promotes products or services in a digital fashion using internet, MOBILE or any other digital media such as Television, radio etc.. It refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via e-commerce as well as sales leads from Web sites or emails.
How bit2byte implements this concept of digital referral marketing?
It is not just another e-commerce portal, but is meant for businesses looking forward to connect to their potential audience or users who can provide maximum conversion rates and authoritative brand name in the industry.
Our website is only meant for businesses who care for Costing, Profit, Turn Over, Brand Promotion, Brand Creation, Brand Make Over, Edge Over others, and Growth.
Bit2byte creates opportunity to every individual through an affiliate program which builds a network whose members make use of digital media such as internet, mobile etc, to promote bit2byte vendor’s product and services. This results in unlimited referrals, promotions, and revenue.